Principles For Services & Supplying




TÜV Middle East is a subsidiary of TÜV NORD Group-Germany, founded in 1989. TÜV Middle East is committed to add value to its clients and the community as a leading competence center for Inspections, Testing, Calibration, Assessments, Auditing, Certification and Training in the Arab Peninsula. TÜV Middle East success is centered on providing the appropriate expert advice to enable its clients to provide safe and reliable products and services, helping to demonstrate quality and confidence in what its clients offer. TÜV Middle East has its own Academy, one of the largest training providers in the Middle East and certifies more than 10000 successful participants each year in a wide range of standard & custom –made public or in- house training schemes for oil & gas , government , manufacturing , finance , information technology and construction & engineering sectors. it’s our mission to contribute in your development at your work place. And help you better understand the profound meaning of quality.Highly experienced and qualified  personnel are at TÜV Akademie to offer to the necessary in-house or public training services .

TÜV ME is specialized in providing the following services:

·         Development of Management Systems, Certifications.

·         Specialized & Non Specialized Trainings

·         Environment Related Consultancy Services

·         Inspection Testing Calibration & Metrology

·         Health & Safety Related Consultancy and Management Services.

·         Specialized Laboratory for Food Testing and other testing’s.

·         Providing Technical & Technological Advice and

·         Conducting Studies, Quality & Standardization Certificates Issuing Services, Service Form, Set-up & Information System

·         Software Consultant, Administrative Consultancy,

·         On-Shore & Off-Shore Oil & Gas Field Services,

·         Engineering Consultancy in the field of Environment Pollution Control & Protection  Means,

·         Testing & Evaluation, Inspection of Industrial Installation & Fittings, Consultancy Services for Security, Safety & Workplace Health

·         Vehicles Technical Testing, Quality & Standardization Consultants

·         Third Party Inspection & Certification Services

·         Inspection / Expediting / Quality Assurance / Supply of Specialist Personnel

·         Project Management / Consultant / Specialist : Quality Management System

v HSE Services:

Environmental Studies:

1.         Preliminary / Initial Environmental Review – PER.

2.         Environmental Screening & Scoping

3.         Environmental Impact Assessment – EIA.

4.         Health, Safety & Environment Impact Assessment - HSEIA

5.         Environmental Baseline Audit - EBA.

6.         Strategic Environmental Assessment - SEA.

7.         Construction Environmental Management Plan - CEMP.

8.         Operational Environmental Management Plan - OEMP.

9.         Environmental Impact Risk Assessment - EIRA.

10.        Environmental RISK Assessment.

11.        Waste Management System.

12.        Terms Of Reference - TOR.

13.        Environmental Monitoring Program.

14.        Environmental Modeling.

15.        Environmental Management Plan - EMP

16.        Due Diligence Audit / compliance Audit.

17.        CDM Validation / Verification

18.        Carbon Related Services

19.        Site Investigation

20.        Dev. Of EHSMS

21.        Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design – LEED.

22.        Supplying of Environmental Engineers.

Safety Studies:

1.         Development of Safety Manual.

2.         Safety Audit/ Full Safety Audit.

3.         Safety Consultancy.

4.         Safety Management.

5.         Emergency Preparedness & Response Plan

6.         Hazard & Operability Studies - Hazop.

7.         Hazard Identification - HAZID

8.         Control of Major Accident Hazards - COMAH

9.         Risk Assessment -Quantitative & Qualitative.

10.        Health Risk Assessment – Quantitative & Qualitative

11.        Fire Risk Assessment.

12.        Fire Safety Consultancy.

13.        HSE Critical Equipments System -HSECES.

14.        Safety Integrity Level - SIL

15.        Supplying of Safety Engineers.

16.        Accident / Incident Investigation.

v Training Services in  :

*       American Petroleum Institute Programs

*       American Society of Mechan. Engineering

*       Health & Safety

*       Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering

*       Geology

*       Mechanical Engineering

*       Management System

*       Oil & Gas Engineering

*       Environment Management

*       Business Skills Management

*       Construction &Business Materials

*       Drilling Engineering

*       Food Safety

*       Aviation

*       Non Destructive Testing

*       Security Management

*       Information Technology ( IT)

*       Quality Management

*       Electronics communication

*       Project Management

Piping Technology & Products, Inc.


Piping Technology & Products, Inc. (PT&P) is one of the leading manufacturers of pipe supports and other piping products in the world. It is engaged in the business of Manufacturing and selling the following :

-Engineered spring hangers and constant support

-Mechanical ,Hydraulic and spring snubbers ,also, sway braces.

-Hot Shoes for high temperature lines and Cold Shoes for cryogenic Lines.

-Pipe hanger hardware and fabricated pipe supports, guides, anchors ,shoes, etc .

-Teflon, graphite and stainless steel slide bearing pad.

-Thick and thin wall metal expansion joints.

-Fabric, rubber, Teflon and slip type expansion joints.

-Miscellaneous steel fabrications.

-Instruments support.

-ASME code vessels ,tank  and heat exchangers.

-Pipe Line Pigs , Launchers and receivers.

-Orifice plates and flanges.

-Spacers and drip rings



Honghua International Company Ltd.


Honghua International Company, is an expertise company in geophysics service. It is a services company that specializes in seismic data acquisition. It mainly provide oil & gas geophysical exploration. It has been engaged in seismic exploration engineering services .It emphasizes on introducing and adopting the advanced equipment and new technology, and continually developing mountain exploration techniques.



SCGC(Sichuan Geophysical Company


Sichuan Geophysical Company (SCGC) belongs to CNPC Sichuan Petroleum. It was established in 1956, originally named Sichuan Petroleum Prospecting Corporation, which is changed as Sichuan Geophysical Company in January, 2005. SCGC is a service provider specialized in seismic

data acquisition, processing, interpretation and research.



Al Shoumoukh Int’l Services Co. is the leading manufacturer, supplier and distributor of many proprieties patented oil and gas field products, equipment and services.


1- Tank Cleaning

2- Filtration System

3- Catch Fishing

4- Inspection (Third Part)

5- Repairing of drilling equipments

6- Man power

They have stock in the UAE for:

- Equipments & tools(Valves & flanges, Sucker & pony and polished rods, Casing & Tubing, Drilling pipes & Drilling Collars, Joints & Hoses, Gaskets & Stud Bolts, Temp & Pressure Gauges, V-Belts & Conveyors, Thermowells & Threadolets, Reducers & Elbows and Fittings, Actuatores & spare Parts, Pumps, Drilling Bits & Rigs, chennels & bars Reamer Pig indicators & plates, Pig indicators & plates Closures, Seamless & ERW pipes, Centralizers & Stop Collars, Coupling & clamps)

-All Kinds of Chemical.

-13 3/8" Centralizers.

13 3/8" Stop Collar -

-Casing /Tubing /Line Pipe/Drilling Pipe




PTS Middle East has been in business for almost 20 years. It focused on well testing and affiliated services, DST, perforating, wire line services and early production falities.( well testing  , frac flowback  , wireline, production logging  , early production facility  , steam quality testing ,perforating, underbalanced drilling)



Steelfabs is one of the world's leading cementing products manufacturer like Centralizers (Welded Centralizers, Non Weld Centralizers, Solid Zinc & Aluminium Alloy Centralizer), Stop Collars, Batch Mixer, Bulk Plant, Bridge Plugs, Cement Retainers, Turbolizer and India's largest Cementing Services provider.  Steelfabs provides complete integrated Oil & Gas Drilling and Exploration  Services, both offshore Drilling and onshore Drilling.




EPI is a dynamic consultancy to the oil industry, formed during the winter of 1986 – 87 and has worked consistently for the major oil companies ever since, and has become one of the leading consultancies in its field.


It is specialist in QC( Quality Control)  processing and they offers a wide variety of disciplines critical to the Petroleum, Cable and Minerals Industries throughout the world, ranging from site surveys, 2, 3 and 4D seismic in both towed (single and multi-streamer), OBC operations, land seismic operations, rig moves and onboard and in-house QC processing.




Pars Hassas Co. is a major Electrical & Instrumentation company in the area of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Projects. The company was founded in 1987, at Shiraz where its main office is located, and has more than 8000 square meter of Calibration and work shops Facilities in the South (Bandar Imam), and the same facilities in Assaloyeh Industrial complex Area. Pars Hassas Co. applies total electrical and instrumentation services.




JIANGSU CHANGBAO STEEL TUBE LIMITED CO., which has 50 years history to produce seamless steel tube, possesses strong researching and manufacturing capability. It was awarded the certificate for “product exemption from quality surveillance inspection”, “high quality products producer of Jiangsu province”, “five-star enterprise of Changzhou city”. It has a hot-rolled production line and a cool-drawn production line, and an oil pipes processing line. The products primarily include oil pipes ,boiler pipes, pipes for precise machine, pipes for geology, pipes for ships, pipes for petrol -chemical, structure pipes and line pipes Now, the producing capacity has reached to 220thousand ton per year.Their main products are tubing and casing.

-Tubing size: 1.9''----4-1/2'' ,Grade: J55 N80-1 N80-Q L80 P110

-Casing size: 4-1/2''----7'', Grade: K55 N80-1 N80-Q L80 P110  HCP110

P L M Mechanical Services L.L.C.

                                                                          China China

Pipeline Man  Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. , a largest company which specializes in designing and manufacturing pipeline construction equipment. With the upsurge of global oil & gas pipeline construction, their  products have been the best­ sellers. They have  a large number of senior designer and engineer. Based on design philosophy of high reliability, cost performance ratio, safety and easy operation, they have brought out 4 series, 12 categories, nearly one hundred type of special machines including side boom, welding side boom, welding station, and pneumatic internal line­up clamp, special type of construction tools, which covers the main process of pipeline construction. They have become one of the best specialized companies which produce the most types of pipeline construction machines in the world with best cost performance ratio. Their company focus on production process controlling and product techniques optimization, and established strict product inspection system, and awarded the certification of IS09001 :2000, IS014001 :2004, GB/T28000-2001.




Shandong Weifang Longwei Industrial Co., Ltd. is situated in Shandong Weifang Binhai Economy Development Zone which is the largest ocean chemical production base in China. The company has been established since 1984, and has been developed to a big private company whose business scope covers industrial salt, chemicals (Calcium Chloride, Calcium Bromide  , Sodium Bromide, propyl bromide, Bromoethane, butyl bromide, Sodium Bromate, Potassium bromated, Ammonium Bromide, Zinc Bromide, Tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBA) , Profenofos)…..etc .





Axis Global FZC ( located in HAMRIYAH FREE ZONE ,SHARJAH, UAE. ) is a vision of committed people, dedicated to the supply of quality services and products in different industries with their BQBP (Best Quality Best Price) approach with on time delivery.

Axis Global FZC  is an International Sourcing Firm involved in providing  Oil Field Equipment ,Supplying high Quality  of Chemicals to Oil & Gas Companies, Power Cables  related equipments , and IT Products & software .



PETROL Instruments S. r.l.


PETROL Instruments S.r.l. ( located in Via della Tecnica, n. 5 - 04011 Aprilia (LT) - ITALY ) is a Unique European Maker who has developed the Roots Principle for the Volumetric Measurement of Liquids .

Since their Commercial Debut “PETROL” PD Flow Meters has contributed to the Automation and Modernization of the industrial processes for its reliability and its exceptional operating characteristics coupled with a very high manufacturing technique. "PETROL" PD Flow Meters are today available for the measurement of all the liquids industrially utilized in a range of models so wide, either in the standard version either in the jacketed version, to meet, even contemporary, severe operating conditions.

During the years, "PETROL" has accumulated a very strong experience in the production of PD Flow Meters suitable for the heaviest operating conditions in the more different industrial fields. Such a technical background and the investments yearly destined to the research have till now satisfied each particular need of our customers.